Traditional Braces

The Benefits

Traditional Braces

Most of us think of metal braces as something done to straighten our teeth. What that means is simple: we mistakenly believe that it is all about esthetics. However, you will quickly learn that orthodontics is more than just a straight smile, and that there are some profound benefits of traditional braces to be gained.



Metal is very strong compared to other orthodontic treatment options. Plastic and ceramic brackets, on the other hand, are more fragile and break easily, so they may have to be replaced a few times throughout the treatment process


Traditional braces remain as one of the most affordable treatment option.


Traditional braces can tackle the most and severe cases of misaligned, crooked, spaced out and crowded teeth. Unfortunately, other options are not as versatile.

Our Professional Orthodontists

We are proud to have a team of orthodontists who are professionals and aware of the latest treatment technology, to give our patients the state-of-art treatment they deserve.

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