Damon Braces

High-quality results up to six months faster.

Damon Braces

With Damon braces or Damon Clear, our specialist orthodontist is able to deliver high-quality results up to six months faster than traditional braces.

Unlike traditional braces, the Damon Braces System is self-ligating which eliminates the need for elastics or metal ties that keep the wire in place. Elastics and metal ties produce friction and pressure that make the movement of the teeth a lot longer and less comfortable. Damon braces’ special slide mechanism and high-technology shape memory wires allow our orthodontist to move teeth quicker and in fewer, more spaced out appointments.


Passive, self-ligating Damon braces use a slide mechanism resulting in quicker treatment times, gentler forces and a more comfortable treatment.

Technologically Unique

Damon’s unique technology moves teeth more quickly, freely and require fewer appointments.


Without the metal or elastic ties, Damon braces are discreet and easy to clean.

Our Professional Orthodontists

We are proud to have a team of orthodontists who are professionals and aware of the latest treatment technology, to give our patients the state-of-art treatment they deserve.

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